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One of the smartest members of the priesthood has done an excellent write-up of how crit and haste play out in practice. Well, in theory. In theoretical practice. Go check it out—Zusterke has done a splendid job of exposing the interlocking mechanics of these two stats.

He's concerned primarily with tank-healing throughput, which is of course what these two stats are all about.

TL;DR? Not sure I want to do this at all, because the article is not that long, and it's very well written. He quickly shows how a balanced profile gives the biggest boost to HPS, but that crit is slightly superior overall. Don't just take this over-simplified conclusion for granted though; his article is very nicely done and a fascinating read. I love good thinking!!

Enjoy, and have a safe & happy new year!

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  1. 1/02/2010 6:47 PM Sinespe

    What, no outpouring of RL stuff? Hey, Nym, get over here: we have someone onto whom to pile peer pressure!

    1/12/2010 11:38 AM MCO

    Ive been making some research on the value of SP and the scaling of PW:S.
    Its a rough excel chart, but it shows how powerful PW:S are these days in terms of mitigation. It really shines when you start comparing it to Flash Heal, and notice how flash heal is getting more and more behind in viability.
    If you find it interesting i can "pretty" it up a little and can factor in flash heal scaling in the same chart etc..
    This may help also because you can actually see the value of crit in a PW:S when you increase SP.

    This assumes you are deep in Disc, and have imp PWS, BT, TDisciplines, Divine Aegis, Focused Power, etc..


    BTW, keep up the good work, you have followers in Portugal as well ;)


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