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Just a note that the ICC gear list has been updated. Head over there for details.

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  1. 1/04/2010 4:25 AM Unknown

    Hey Folkes

    My name is Charly and Im a disc Priest.

    My Usual role in raids is more or less tank Assist and Shield spams, And save one or two slackers from some sort of aoe.

    Untill last week I had 4/5 T9 and Merlins rope.

    Now Ive replaced Merlins with T10 Shadow chest and Got Stiffened Corpse shoulders in inventory. Will craft Sandals of Consecration with in a day or two.

    The thing is Ill lose alot of spirit gearing shadow for disc over (holy gear).

    SO Ill mostlikely sacrifice MH+OH for Dying Light.

    Im gearing towards 2part shadow piece and 2 part holy piece ( I rather not call it disc, since its poorely itemized for disc!) Or I might even drop the holy part for now and gear Purely for strenght. SP haste and crit. Due to lack of spirit I will there for gem all yellows with Luminous.

    Head - Shadow
    Shoulders - BoE trash
    Chest - Shadow
    Hands - emblems / holy
    Legs - Craft / holy

    I lost Muradins spyglass twice cus it was labled as Healer trinket. Wich pissed me off..

    This is how a fight starts in our raid. I shield that tank he rushes in. I do my 2 dots ( for the lols) Holyfire and start my duty.

    Now 3 dots ticking each 3 sec so within 9 sec I would have 180 sp. and would only need to keep it up by one dmg spell.

    How can I explain/ justify me taking the trinket


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