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Well I think I found the guild I was looking for. In theory anyway, and over vent, and armory, all that stuff—anything that you can try to match up “on paper” matches up. So I'm server transfering this week, and we'll see if the “in practice” lines up as well! I have every expectation that it will. I'll give you the details after the dust settles.

Anyway: this quickie post is just to say thank you to my readers, who gave more pointers and invitations to apply than I had expected. You guys are great!! GRRRRREAT!!!!

And unrelated but awesome—here's the YouTube find of the day.

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  1. 12/21/2009 3:26 PM Nymarie

    Gratz on the new guild! Tell us how it goes!

    12/23/2009 1:35 PM Unknown

    Before I left azuremyst, you were one of my favorite healers to pug with. Grats on your new server and new guild and the absolute best of luck to you! -Cheerios/Rai/Flue

    12/23/2009 3:07 PM Paolo

    <3 <3

    1/14/2010 1:42 PM Unknown

    Congrats on the find.



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