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I’m looking for a new server. If you have a slot for a disc priest, or know of someone who does, please holler! Here’s what I’m looking for, although nothing is set in stone:

  • Raid days: 3-day raiding schedule, 5-day attitude.
  • Raid times: I’m an east coaster, so raid times would have to work for my evenings.
  • Server: Transfer expected.
  • Faction: I won’t say never to Horde. But it would be hard to imagine.

Best way to get in touch is via in-game email.

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  1. 12/15/2009 1:09 PM Adam

    Just curious... Why?

    12/16/2009 1:24 AM Sean

    I'm looking for a disc priest! They are unimaginably difficult to find these days. Sending you an in-game mail as well.

    Once you go horde, you never go back.


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