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Fair mage.

Delicate, like a flower.

Perhaps you are a gnome.

Even better.

Oh my, is it CC time again?

Would you mind —

That Vrykul could hurt us so.

Such big weapons! So fast! And so many of them!

Is turning one into a sheep too much to ask?

You, good mage, are the hero

Of this small but important moment.

Chaos! Vrykul abound, uncontrolled!

Only one wanders in circles

On four legs.

Smoke! Fire! Blizzards! Whirlwinding warriors!

Who could keep track in the madness?

/cast Holy Nova

“Who broke my —”

So sorry, mage.

I do not know how the sheep broke.

Nor why it ran straight to you,

Executing swift judgment for your offense.

Surely the sheep breaker should have

Drawn its ire, and not you?

I mourn.

Good-bye, fair mage. Good-bye.

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  1. 4/13/2010 3:04 PM Jasyla


    An ode worthy of Keats.

    4/13/2010 3:28 PM T

    Well done.

    4/13/2010 5:02 PM Ceralyn

    Truly beautiful.

    4/13/2010 6:48 PM Fuubaar

    Consecration with thee o' lovely Shackle ;)

    Nuff said

    <3 Fuu

    4/21/2010 5:29 AM Ariel

    love this blog by the way, long time holy priest who has only recently specced 2nd as disc and now loving that too! .... really quick question for you guys, I got told off the other night for shielding a pally tank something about one of their abilities being blocked, can anyone shed any light on this for me?? thanks in advance and keep up the great blog work :D xxx

    (Arielli on Lightbringer EU)

    4/29/2010 3:56 PM Anonymous

    It's not so much that it blocks their abilities, so much as it causes them to lose some mana regen. Prot pallies have a talent where a percentage of healing done to them is turned into mana for them to use their abilities. As a mitigating spell, PW:S does not do healing, nor does it allow for healing (if the tank is topped off) since he's not taking damage. No healing = no [tank] mana = no [tank] abilities.

    5/03/2010 11:41 AM That kid with all the problems

    This made me laugh quite a bit


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