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Well, at long last, it seems that the time has come to move on. I've grown pretty tired of one-button bubble-spam, as you probably know. After my QQ last month, I decided to take it slow, and not rush into any decision I might later regret. Now it's pretty clear where my future lies.

I'll be starting a new blog shortly called DispersionPriest. Stay tuned for the dark side.

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  1. 4/01/2010 2:54 AM j.Cusano

    Hahaha, riiiiiiight...

    4/01/2010 3:53 AM superwaddle

    Farewell! I hope you still keep adding decent advice for healers if you come across anything good! I've been healing for 5 years now with occasional forays into the world of shadow...I guess I just don't care for dps that much, but good luck!

    4/01/2010 12:02 PM Fuubaar

    It's A PANDEMIC!

    All discipline Priests are thowing in the towel. They are tired of your crap DPS & tanks! HEAL YOUR DAMN SELVES ;)

    Sucks... now my baby Priest will have to figure out to aim her frustration at mobs & not her fellow mates.

    *looks for a decent shadow spec*

    <3 Fuu

    Happy April Fools day ;)

    4/01/2010 12:08 PM Miss Medicina

    We can co-write it!

    4/02/2010 8:53 AM superwaddle

    I totally bit off on all the April Fool's jokes...they got me good at work too, and had me convinced I was not going to get a promotion. SICK...all you! I don't care that much about the promotion, but quitting on healing!!?!? You've gone too far, sir.

    4/02/2010 5:42 PM Matt

    Shadowpriest dps is still a little low despite the great spriest buff of 3.3. (Not saying they should buff it again, it's right where it should be for a priest imo.)

    We have 3 of them for some reason, and they're all good players, but they'd be doing so much more dps if they were an aff lock. You really only need 1 or 2 spriests in raid at most. Honestly, that number goes to '1' for some hard modes.

    Disc on the other hand, is so f'ing awesome right now. All your well-founded qq's aside, I don't see how anyone beats the Lich King encounter without one (two disc's on 25man is a legit option).

    Take a look at that calculator you have there. If your priest is rocking 3200 unbuffed sp, then you'll be close to or in excess of 4k spellpower after food, inner fire and the demo lock buff. That amounts to 10k shields if you have the 4pc.

    Now, forget about the fact shields nullify infest for a second, and that they're perfect for vile spirits in p3. They also prevent defile from expanding, should defile damage be absorbed by one of our shields.

    If you drop a 9.6-10k shield on a defile target, they get 2 whole extra seconds to get out of defile before it expands. That is nothing short of op.

    How are you supposed to beat that fight without that ability handy? It should be an achievement to do so imo.

    4/04/2010 9:53 AM helenagiammarco

    Please let this be an April Fools Joke!


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