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Just for a while, I promise! But for level 70 penance healing build just stinks for grinding. Let me rephrase that, cause I wrote it backwards: grinding & leveling stink, my build was perfect :) So for now, inspired by everyone's favorite priesty blogger, I respecced into a hybrid dps/healing build designed for leveling. After I realized that my penance build wouldn't work (after about, oh, 3 mobs), I actually considered returning to the dark side. Whew, that was close. Here is my current franken-build, totally off the map for anything but fast holy leveling, and being able to respond to the overwhelming number of invites to heal instances. Many of the talents were picked just for mana regen purposes, which means I'll be wearing a lot of my old spirit gear, stuff I almost sharded when I went Penance (and started stacking crit). A few key talents: Shadow
  • Spirit Tap: In case you holy people forgot how delicious this was while leveling...It's the downtime killer.
  • Divine Fury: Oh how I missed this with my Penance build. Even better for dps, since it affects HF and Smite.
  • Desperate Prayer: Again, I just missed having this one!
  • Searing Light: Lolsmite may be dead, but for leveling? Easy talent pick.
  • Surge of Light: No-brainer, and an anchor point for this build. This is as far as I went into holy. It forces a balance between spirit gear and crit gear, which is something I'll be tinkering with for sure.
  • Divine Spirit (Improved!): Divine Spirit is obviously for the sweet regen. I had dropped Improved from my Penance build, just because the spell power buff doesn't stack with the shammy totems (which are more powerful anyway). But for soloing/leveling, Improved DS is back.
  • Power Infusion: I got addicted, what can I say? My elesham leveling buddy won't mind. It's hardly a key leveling talent though, and picking up all 5 points in Mental Strength might seem overkill just to get this shiny toy. You could put points into Spiritual Healing instead, but I leaned more towards the dps side than the healing side with this build.
There you have it! So far it's working, and I'm not getting funny looks yet.