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For posterity, here is my gear at 70 just before I install Lich King. I have other gear I swap in & out, but this is the main daily healing gear. Thanks to wow-heroes for a great presentation:

Final tally, unbuffed:

8431/11430 (health/mana)
522/606/247 (stam/int/spi)
1113 spell power
21.20% holy crit
129 (8%) haste (plus talents)
342/144 regen

Gems used are all combinations of spell power (red), crit (yellow), and stam (blue). Wow-heroes gives me a score of 766 (gear) + 107 (enchants) = 873.

We'll see about leveling, whether I switch my build to something with a lot more focus on regen (e.g., spirit tap), or if just using my spirit-based gear will be sufficient.

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