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I so totally shouldn't be doing this.

I'm writing on a hotel wireless, in the beautiful desert, awaiting my sunset photo op in Canyonlands. Rough, I know.

But Jessabelle upset me. She just posted on trinkets, and did it all wrong. It's ok, she's still a very good priest, and a cool lady. We all make mistakes.

Here is my trinket list. All but one are in my bags at all times. I hope this helps with your own gearup plans, even as we're in the denoument of a long hard road through Arthas' world.

  • Time-Lost Figurine. I got this the first week I hit 70, while helping a friend farming his Sha'tari Skyguard rep. It used to be fun to run Shadow Labs while disguised as an Arakkoa. Now, well, it's still the best disguise in the game IMO.
  • Vanquished Tentacle of C'Thun. Because who doesn't stop and stare at a tentacle in the Dalaran bank?
  • Figurine - Ruby Hare. I don't PvP much nowadays, but when I do, the mobility boost is just too much fun. Call it the luxury of being human, and the price for not being an engineer.
  • Sif's Remembrance. I just need 9 more people and I'll be able to Herald. Until then, I have a bag in my bank filled with 226s.
  • Discerning Eye of the Beast. Holy Nova + Discerning Eye + Skellies in Culling of Strat = infinite mana. I don't use this as much as I used to, but definitely if I get Strat right after changing specs.

If you need to shard Solace or PLD to make room for one of these, don't hesitate.

-- disappears back into the Utah desert --

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  1. 7/01/2010 6:49 AM Miss Medicina

    I see your Time-Lost Figurine, and raise you a Barov Peasant Caller.

    7/01/2010 6:24 PM Aloix

    Time-Lost Figurine in one slot, Piccolo of the Flaming Fire in the other = WIN.
    Although, tentacles are cool.

    7/04/2010 11:50 PM Anonymous

    My Orb of Deception is unfortunately faulty, as my Blood Elf disguise does not include pants. No-one is going to notice a female Blood Elf with no pants roaming around, right?
    And I know I'm a noob, but I still love my Talisman.

    7/07/2010 12:15 PM Sinespe

    Don't you mock me with your Sif's Remembrance.

    7/08/2010 1:10 AM Nymarie

    I carry Time Lost Figure EVERYWHERE. I'm very tempted to help heal Ulduar tonight as an Arakkoa. >_>

    8/04/2010 4:32 PM Kataly

    Have fun in Utah, i left that joyous hellhole a couple months ago~ The trinket that strikes the chord with me is my Sapphire Owl. I didn't replace that until i (finally) got solace. It, however, has a permanent home in my bags <3.

    (don't delete my post plz, I have both a resto sham + Holy paladin T-T)

    3/22/2011 6:57 AM Aha

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