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I'm nothing short of thrilled to be proved wrong!

This just in from GC:

Discipline priests specialize in single-target heals and damage prevention. They are nonetheless fairly well rounded and have some fun tools, such as Power Infusion and Pain Suppression.

They are awesome and in some cases borderline overpowered. :)

I actually can't argue with disc being OP. Shield spam is pretty damn strong, not to mention unique. However, that stuff about specializing in single-target heals and being well-rounded...


(Edit) GC did a lot of posting yesterday. I find this one particularly interesting as well.

I'll admit that paladins as the best MT healer is still a little bit of cruft left over from the older model. Unless we were willing to really nerf the crap out of them and reduce everyone's mana regen, it's going to be hard to dislodge them too much from that role. Really though what we're going for, and what we'll emphasize even more in the future, is "bring healers" not "I must have a priest."


(Edit 2) This one made me smile. Except for the fact that he suggests pallies need buffs (for raid healing) but not nerfs (for tank healing)...that's just silly.

Yeah, as I said in another thread just now, I think the paladin is an outlier. It's okay for healers to have things they are slightly better at or slightly worse at, but the paladin is too firmly cemented into the role of MT healer. We don't want building a raid to be "Okay, grab a paladin and another healer." It should be "Grab 2 healers, preferably different ones." This doesn't mean paladin nerfs are incoming, because some of the problem is the nature of healing right now (huge constant swings, unlimited mana, much spamming, little coordination), and the other half of that is making sure a paladin on raid heal duty didn't feel gimped.


(Edit 3) And perhaps the most interesting and promising post I've ever seen from GC. It's too long to quote in its entirety; click the link for the full story. Excerpts below:

Q: Its ok for paladins to be "required"?

A: You misread. I was acknowledging that it feels like that now, but it's not okay. (No offense to the paladins.)

Lightwell isn't okay either. We don't want to turn it into a totem, because the class already has plenty of spells that require little interaction. We're not entirely sure what we'll do yet, but we still like the basic idea (creating something and it does the healing) so we aren't going to just scrap it.

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  1. 2/25/2010 3:42 AM Anonymous

    Well, it would be great to get GC's ideas about the spec, at least - here's hoping he keeps the dialogue up.

    2/25/2010 7:43 AM helenagiammarco

    My 4pc proc does make me feel like a king on sustained single-target healing.

    3/02/2010 3:44 PM Cobra

    Paolo... don't be bitter. =D


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