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Just to clarify a bit about the list I just posted and how I use it.

In general, the most appealing items are the ones with both haste and crit on them. Blizzard snuck in a few such items in tier 7 to test the waters, and they were so coveted that the devs have since gone hogwild on us. There are now lots of these double-statted items in the game.

So my first priority is to grab as many of these as I reasonably can. I've already got six (including my T8 shadow helm, heh) and someday when the Twins start playing nice I'll be set.

Those items alone have me swimming in haste. This is why I have such a strong aversion to haste-only gear. From day one in ToC, I've passed on every haste-only upgrade. At this point, I will only equip a double-statted item or a crit-only item. For example, the Jarax10h crit pants, while "only" iLevel 245, are far more useful to me than even the 258 tier pants, which are all haste. (Any ranking list would put the tier pants higher…hence my disgust for BiS lists that have no context.)

As it is, my current unbuffed stats are: 2500sp, 23k mana, 35% crit, 20% haste (with talents). Regen is 460 inside, 243 outside 5sr, plus Solace and meta gem. Mana remains a non-issue. If and when that changes, I'm ready to start slotting intellect gems. In a heartbeat.

For reference, here's the Lootrank page (now GuildOx apparently) that I used to help build the gear list. It is a ranking based on pure throughput. The numbers are of course soft ("why the hell is the haste coefficient 0.48??"), and rankings are flexible for a thousand reasons. It's just something to work from.

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  1. 9/27/2009 8:19 PM Sinespe

    I envy your Disco stats. 35% crit? Seriously? :(

    10/01/2009 2:07 AM Unknown

    I have checked your armory... you have absolutely beautiful stats, gear, etc... BUT! what's with your spec? 0/2 Healing Focus? How do you manage to heal Twin Val'kyrs? this is the thing i want to know...

    by the way, can you post me some world of logs stats? would like to see how often you use FHeal/GHeal... (you can make nice spec 53/18, by moving 3 points of IFHeal and 1 point of Rapture, which is NOT _THAT_ great (didn't thought that, eh?))

    10/01/2009 6:17 AM Paolo

    @Jan: Twin Val'kyr is largely a shield spam fight. Shield/PoM/Penance and that's about it. Sure HF would be nice, but not enough to spec for it.

    I have tried the 53/18 spec a bit. However, I don't use GH enough to make Improved Healing very worthwhile, since the mana cost is not an issue. Perhaps *because* of the mana returns from Rapture! You do make an interesting point; since mana is such a non-issue right now, it might be worth moving one point out of Rapture into Healing Focus. But only when HF seems more necessary.

    We're in ToC 10 heroic, but not 25 heroic yet. We'll see if spec changes are needed when we get there.

    10/01/2009 3:14 PM Unknown

    i have 1/3 Rapture, 1/3 Imp. FHeal, i do NOT have Desperate Prayer, 2/2 HF, 3/3 Imp. Healing, i do not have any mana problems.


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