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So I got me to thinking the other day: why the hell am I in mostly quest blues? Gearing up to entry-level epics has been nothing short of frustrating. I don’t have many heroics I’m interested in running…I’m not badge farming…reputation farming…what gives?

Rewind: The road to 70

Within an hour of hitting level 70, I had eight epics.

That’s right: three BoP primal mooncloth items. Two BoE whitemend items. And I had saved up enough honor for three more PvP epics, including the healing mace, cuffs, and a ring. All enchanted and ready to go.

Snap your fingers, and I went from 69 to uber.

Buying your way to uber

All those level 70 starter epics came without ever having to worry about a random drop. There are four ways to get gear that are non-random:

  • crafted items
  • faction rewards
  • PvP honor gear
  • Badge/emblem gear

Yay Blizzard…giving people ways to work for upgrades that don’t require raiding. And even if you do raid, you can neutralize the sting of the RNG with these purchasable epics.

Stats for discipline

Refresher course: Disc loves crit.

Oh, and mp5 please. We get no bonus from spirit like holy priests, so point for point, mp5 is usually superior, if only by a little. And while Rapture rocks the house, and Replenshment, well, replenishes it, you still need your own regen.

Haste? Sure. After everything else is filled, I won’t reject haste. But it’s last on the list.

Here, my friends, is the perfect discipline item. If I could wear Lattice Chokers all over my body, I would. Until I can get all the items on this list. Unfortunately, most of them require running 25-man raids, which I really don’t enjoy.

Oh, and no, I’m not planning to drop 8k gold on the Signet of the Kirin Tor. If that’s for you, awesome.

Window shopping

Let’s see what non-random upgrade gear we priests can wear, shall we? With one exception, I’ve omitted anything with hit rating.

-=-=-=-=-=- PAOLO’S THREADS -=-=-=-=-=-
Epic gear crafted while-u-wait

Moonshroud robe, gloves. Spirit.
Spellweave robe, gloves. Haste, spirit.

-=-=-=-=-=- IVRENNE’S EMBLEMATIC EMPORIUM -=-=-=-=-=-
Exclusive gear for heroes. Hours by appointment.

Lattice Choker of Light (neck). Crit, mp5. Woot!
Elegant Temple Garden’s Girdle (belt). Spirit, mp5, yellow socket.
Handbook of Obscure Remedies (offhand). Haste, spirit.
Ward of the Violet Citadel (offhand). Crit, hit.
Egg of Mortal Essence (trinket). Haste.

-=-=-=-=-=- CHAMPION’S HALL -=-=-=-=-=-
Gladiator survival gear
(Closed until further notice.)

-=-=-=-=-=- LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM -=-=-=-=-=-
You show us love, then we’ll sell you the goods.

Belt of Dark Mending (belt, Ebon Blade exalted). Haste.
Robes of Crackling Flame (robe, Kirin Tor exalted). Haste, mp5.
Sandals of Crimson Fury (feet, Wyrmrest exalted). Haste, blue socket.
Signet of Hopeful Light (ring, Argent Crusade exalted). Haste.

See a pattern?

There is exactly one piece of crit gear for healers (Lattice Choker). The Ward of the Violet Citadel, with its points in hit rating, is clearly aimed at dps casters, but I will still probably get it because of the lack of other viable options for that slot.

All I can say is that I hope this list is terribly outdated very quickly.

But for now, I will continue to grind heroics hoping for the right drops. And Naxx of course, but that will be much slower.

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  1. 12/24/2008 7:03 PM Seneca

    Honestly, since tier gear is terrible, badge gear is practically nonexistant, and raid loot serves as mere side-grades, the only place for a Disc Priest to turn is heroics. Thankfully, being that we are graced by fantastic loot such as the Bracae legs and great wrist gear, heroics are worth more than just the badges.

    Also, excuse the previous deletion, Blogspot doesn't seem to have an edit function. I'm too used to wowhead. :)


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